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“Every couple has ups and downs, every couple argues, and that’s the thing—you’re a couple, and couples can’t function without trust.” – Nicholas Sparks

Dr. Gail’s Approach to Coaching

Marriage is the foundation of everything in our life. Being able to navigate your marriage with great communication, a sense of perspective, and self-awareness can be an amazing gift. It is even more important to have a healthy relationship with one’s self. Self-love, removing limiting beliefs, releasing unnecessary stress and anxiety in marriage? These are all a part of the process. My 30 years of marriage, education, and experience as a Certified Master Sexpert, Christian Marriage and Life Coach has given me a versatile background when it comes to helping women overcome these challenges in their marriages.

Benefits of Coaching with Dr. Gail

Insight and support from an expert who understands and cares

Better communication skills with your husband, family, and friends
Self-worth and confidence
Direction and clarity in your life and Marriage
Strengthened marriage, family, and community
Open communication with your spouse about intimacy and sex

If you are ready to be the wife that God has called you to be, Gail would love to connect with you.

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Coaching Solutions:
Couple’s Coaching
Loving Him Without Losing You

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Here are ways that you can work with Dr. Gail.

One-On-One Individual or Couples Coaching

Looking for a place where both you and your husband will be heard, respected and guided back to love? Then click the button below to start your journey to individual or couples coaching with Dr. Gail.

Self-Paced Wife Life Courses

Ready to take your marriage to the next level? Consider yourself a great self-study? Then we have what you need. Check out our ever growing library of on-demand resources that address everyday life matters facing marriages and couples today. You will find out our most popular classes here.

Membership Has Its Privileges

This is not a solo mission. It's the work of a community. And we are here for YOU! Together, anything is possible.

Get a Woman's point of view on Intimacy, Love and Sex with other married men from around the world.

Testimonials For Dr. Gail
"I had such a great weekend attending Gail Crowder's #BSB #OSW women's conference in D.C. I learned so many things about myself, my relationships, and other women. If you have never been to one of Gail's conferences, be sure to sign up for next year. I promise you will go home with a new mindset."
Amber Mueller
"The Loving Him Without Losing You course and Gail as my coach encouraged me as a woman, wife and mother to always make time for myself. The vision board project really opened my eyes to what I wanted and how I was to achieve it. I am continuing to open the opportunities for others in my family to take charge and sit back to let it happen."
"Sex gets boring - in and out, up and down, thrust and squirt. Gail tells us what's missing and how to go about getting what you really want - intimacy. Love his play with masculine and feminine. This e-book is an awakening in itself."
"My spouse and I enjoyed reading about better love making through reading Dr. Gail’s book Great Sex. We highly recommend this book. Read it with an open heart and an open mind."
"Sex between me and my husband had become boring. After working with Dr. Gail for 5 sessions me and my husband were able to connect not only physically but emotionally."
I have had the pleasure of interacting with Gail as a marriage coach. My husband and I were at great odds. All the monsters in a marriage that I had once heard off came to life such as lack of communication, finances, and the thoughts of whether we wanted to stay in our marriage or not. I knew that only good thing could come from working with Gail because she always put God in the center of it all. I felt that the direction I needed to go in was made clearer. There was a change in how I walk, talk, and my belief in myself & my marriage. I now had the tools to keep my heads up - the restored love in our marriage and my renewed health I give thanks to God. I thank Gail for steering me in the direction of not giving up on my marriage."