“My legacy is not how many women that I have met, presentations that I have given. But the one person's life and marriage I have changed!”

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Premiere Marriage Relationship Coach and Sex Expert

Dr. Gail is a highly respected and sought-after master sexpert, marriage and relationship expert, and author who would be an excellent speaker for your next event. Here are a few reasons why:

Expertise: Dr. Gail has over 20 years of experience teaching relationships and sex. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping couples improve communication, enhance intimacy, and navigate challenges in their marriage and relationships. Her advice is practical, actionable, and based on years of research and real-world experience.
Engaging Speaker: Dr. Gail is a dynamic and engaging speaker known for her ability to connect with her audience. Her warm and approachable style puts people at ease and makes them feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns. She is also skilled at using humor and storytelling to illustrate her points, which keeps the audience engaged and entertained.
Author:Dr. Gail is the author of several books on relationships, including “Keep Your Legs Open: A Wife’s Guide to Understanding her sexual health” and “Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage.” Her books have been well-received by readers and critics alike, and several media outlets, including Essence Magazine, Newsweek, and CNN, have featured Dr. Gail.

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Dr. Gail has appeared on dozens of television and radio shows as a specialist and seasoned marriage, lifestyle & relationship expert. As an author, Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life Coach. Dr. Gail’s energy, expertise, and tell-it-like-it is approach makes her a sought-after keynote speaker, teacher and workshop facilitator.

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