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MAY 1ST – JUNE 12TH, 2018

8 Weeks

Dear Wife,

I was thinking of you and had a quick question: Do you still dream? I mean, dream about your goals and wants outside of your family? If you are like most wives probably not. At times you feel lost or not yourself. Or you spent time raising children or building a career and now…what? What do you really want for you? This unique 8-week group coaching program is designed to help wives like you gain clarity. During this highly interactive coaching experience with Gail Crowder-The One Sexy Wife, you will learn how important your relationship with yourself is. You will leave this program feeling more confident and successful in your marriage.

Other benefits to joining this program:

– Better communicate what you want without feeling selfish or being insecure

– Recapture your dreams and goals without guilt

– Develop independence while still nurturing intimacy and connection in your marriage.

Do You Recognize Yourself In Your Own Mirror!

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Weekly Topics & Descriptions


Balancing Your Independence and Your Marriage

Your relationship with yourself determines the destiny of your marriage and other relationships that you allow in your personal space. This one relationship will determine how you run your life, marriage, family and career and how you impact the important people in your life. Maintaining your independence and spending time with yourself gives you that opportunity to understand yourself. Your thoughts have a chance to roam free without the distraction of other people.


Reclaim Your Confidence, Enhance Your Luster!

So now it’s time to get deep and be honest with what you see in the mirror including all your imperfections. Remember the goal here is not to be perfect. In fact the goal is to see all your imperfections as sheer beauty because.


Prioritizing You! (Make You A Priority)

There are millions of married couples who achieve their dreams together society calls them “Power Couples”. But whose individual lives are left lonely, empty and with dreams unfulfilled. I believe that you can still be a “ME” and still be apart of “WE”


It’s Time To Dream AGAIN!

Believe it or not, your dreams can be reality! However, you won’t get anywhere by simply making a wish. You have to take specific actions to increase your chances of living that life you always dreamed of.


Communicate YOUR Needs, Wants, and Dreams

It’s time to a have a crucial conversation with yourself about your needs, wants & desires. It’s time to face any fears and your insecurities that you might have going on in your head.


Scheduling & Time Management

Decide what is most important to you. Then determine how you’re using your time inefficiently. Ask yourself the important questions that will allow you to make meaningful changes. Free up your time for your priorities. You’ll be glad you did!


The Game Plan

It’s time to introduce or re-introduce the NEW YOU back into your married life. In marriage, it is the woman who is most likely to complain that she last lost herself. That she has placed all her needs and wants on the back burner.


Take Action!

It’s time for YOU to SHINE! Take Action and change your life and your and your marriage!