Intimacy Struggles

Intimacy and sex are not the same thing.  Intimacy is when you can be completely transparent to another person. Transparent in your thoughts, actions, emotions and beliefs describes intimacy.  Even though you may have a fear of rejection, abandonment, shame, guilt, doubt, or insecurity, you must be able to put all of that aside to achieve intimacy.


Here are some signs of intimacy struggles:


  • Do you have a spouse who pushes you away?


  • Or do you push your spouse away?


  • Do you feel unsafe or uncomfortable when talking to your spouse about deep matters of the heart?


  • Does the idea of “going deeper” with your spouse make you want to run and hide in the closer?


  • Are past hurts, disappointments or betrayals blocking you from being intimate?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then you have intimacy struggles.


Contrary to many beliefs, the ability to give intimacy is not dependent on the other person’s response or character. Surprised right? Giving intimacy is more about the heart of the person giving it.  Sex is designed to be a reflection of intimacy – a special act that you reserve only for your spouse.


Interestingly enough, a person who struggles with intimacy can be married, have children, have friends, be involved in a church or their community.  They can look like the most involved active fun person to be around but in reality, it is all a front.

By working with me, a Certified Master Sexpert you can and will Learn:


In these 4 (1 hour) session package you will learn:

1. To discern if this is definitely the right person who has similar values, goals, and dreams for the marriage.

2. Communication and conflict resolution skills.

3. Prepared for the emotional challenges of married life.

4. The strengths and weaknesses of each person in the relationship and learn how to cover them.