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#1 Online Sex & Intimacy Course for Wives 


No judgment here, but I knew a lot of good upstanding Christian wives hiding those books in the bathroom and getting really excited with the fantasies of romance, passion and mind blowing sex. Go ahead. It’s ok! Admit it. Even if you didn’t read the book or if you were too afraid or uptight to watch the movies, you still heard about it, right?

Why does crazy, exciting romance and mind blowing sex only exist in fiction? 


I have created this program to kick the nagging, frumpy wife and boring married sex to the curb. 

In just 8 weeks, I can turn your marriage right side up and put your sex life on fire!

Are you serious about no more boring sex and disconnected marriage? I hope you are because I am serious about fixing it with you. This 8 week Coaching program consists of 8 video sessions, a workbook, and much more. Some of you are surprised that intimacy comes first. 

If You Want To Improve Sex & Intimacy, You Have To Connect Your Hearts. Let Dr. Gail Crowder Help You.

Dr. Gail knows that amazing marriages emerge from within each enlightened person. As a Certified Master Sexpert, Marriage and Life coach, Dr. Gail Crowder helps couples and individuals manage their time, resources, and improve the quality of their marriage.

With Dr. Gail’s help, couples and wives rejuvenate their marriages and increase intimacy, love and sex between them. The outcome is a more meaningful, loving connection. Dr. Gail teaches you can have sensual and satisfying marriage without losing yourself or what makes you happy. To learn Dr. Gail’s story click Here.

  • After this course, you will be able to:

    • Identify the things that create the best sexual environment for YOU and how to communicate this to your spouse.

    • Discover the common misconceptions that keep you and your spouse stuck.

    • Learn HOW to connect sexually even when conflict is tearing you apart.

    • Improve sex & intimacy in your life and marriage to connect with your spouse like never before.

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