Gail’s Approach To Coaching

Relationships are the foundation of everything in our life, and being able to navigate those relationships with great communication, a sense of perspective, and self-awareness can be an amazing gift. Even more important is having a healthy relationship with one’s self. Self-love, removing limiting beliefs, releasing unnecessary stress and anxiety in marriage? Are all a part of the process.

My 28 years of marriage, education and experience as a certified Christian, marriage and life coach has given me a versatile background, when it come to helping women overcome these challenges when it comes to relationships.

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Benefits of coaching with Gail

*Insight and support from an expert who understands and cares
*Better communication skills with your husband, family and friends
*Self-worth and confidence
*Direction and clarity in your life and relationships
*Strengthened marriage, family and community
*Open communication with your spouse about intimacy and sex

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Schedule A Free 30 Minute Call

If you are ready to be the wife that God has called you to be, Gail would love to talk with you. Simply fill out the contact form below, and schedule your FREE 30 minute call. Together, you and Gail will decide if wife coaching is right for you. Serious inquiries only, please.

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Coaching Solutions

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Relationship Tuneup

Not looking for a long-term coaching program? Just have some marriage/ relationships questions you need answered, or are facing a crisis in your marriage or relationship. If so, you can work with Gail one on one through a quick Relationship Tuneup coaching Session, a 90-minute laser focus coaching session.

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A 12 month program for married women who are ready for a life altering -well designed program to increase productivity and efficiency in order to find power, sex and balance within their married lives.

Wives will receive a custom designed plan to assist them with every area of their livelihood.

From the Stay at Home Warrior Princess to the Corporate Ladder Climbing Goddess, The Marriage Guide will drastically change the lives of wives, empowering them to live the life they were born to live.

Months: 1- 4


Month 1: Spiritual Values – The Design For Your Marriage

Month 2: Trust/Infidelity – Trust, Respect, Love and Honesty

Month 3: Communication – Talk To Me Not At Me

Month 4: Sex/Romance – I Have So Many Questions

Months: 5-8

Floor Plan/Elevations:

Month 5: Prioritizing the Relationship/Taking Care Of Home – Who Comes First?

Month 6: Handling Conflict – Love And War

Month 7: Submission/Leadership – Your Not The Boss Of Me

Month 8: Expectations – When Expectations Meets Reality

Months: 9-12

Cross Sections/ Details:

Month 9: Finances/Money – His Money, My Money

Month 10: Balancing/Scheduling – I Don’t Have Time

Month 11: Dream Building – Your Dream, My Dream, Our Dreams

Month 12: Who Am I? – How To Love Without Losing Yourself

Bonus Month: Appreciation – The Fact Is I Need You

Weeks 10-12

Mediate to Elevate: Hearing from God is essential for both your spirit and soul. Learn the importance and benefits from meditating and take your prayer life to another level.
Outside Beauty Basics, an author review of “The Purse Size Fashion Guide”: Sexiness starts from the inside and totally works its way to the outside. As a seasoned image consultant Gail knows the art of the makeover and has authored the book on style, colors, and bodylines and how to effectively and inexpensively dress to impress.

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