After a get-together with married and engaged girlfriends, Gail noticed that something was missing from today’s marriage: scripturally endorsed sexual guidance. This chance event amongst friends lead Gail to create a secure and encouraging forum to bring together married and engaged woman to discuss their fears and overall marital issues. Thus started Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage (BSB)! This platform became a venue for acquiring wisdom and becoming a better wife, woman, and servant of God.

By placing faith in her vision, Gail was able to fulfill a critical need in today’s marriages. It’s with the cooperation of the community, highly qualified experts, and committed supporters that Gail is able to enrich marriages, build stronger families, and help women achieve confidence on their individual path with God. Gail hopes to continue to use BSB to decrease the alarming divorce rate amongst Christian marriages.

Self-Realization and Spiritual Exploration

Take home a strategy that will allow you to feel sexy and confident, develop self-love and acceptance, and finally have the marriage of your dreams. Acquire techniques to enhance your beauty and create a balance between work, family, and marriage. Apply Christian principles to successfully manage your marriage and family life.

Sexual Satisfaction

Discover the vital role that sex plays in the marriage for men. Help your husband become a confident, thriving provider by understanding and meeting his emotional and sexual needs. Increase sexual pleasure by discovering his erogenous zones and learn how, when, and where to touch them. Learn how to use relative foreplays, sexual positions, and physical exploration for longer lasting lovemaking. Prime yourself mentally and physically for sex by learning the art of seduction and fulfilling his fantasies with improved sexual endurance, prowess, and fetish.

Couples Intimacy

Cement your couple’s emotional bond by learning how to engage in straightforward and compassionate conversations. Dive deeper into the sexual aspect of your marriage, fully understand your m arital duties, and better relate your emotional needs to your spouse. Significantly decrease the chances of infidelity and divorce and create emotional security by learning how to meet your husband’s physical and emotional needs.

Lisa on Bringing Sexy Back Conference

I absolutely loved the “Bringing the Sexy back to the marriage Conference” because it reminded ne of my responsibilities as a wife. Instead of focusing on our mate and what the could do for us, it taught me how to work on what I need to do for my marriage. The atmosphere during the conference was a sisterhood among wives I have never experienced. I learned through sharing and an open mind and when I tell you they brought it to us, the conference is a must for any woman engaged or married woman who wants to give and do their best in making sure they live a successful and blessed union! I won’t miss the next one and neither should you! A++

Lisa Washington