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What I Do & Why I Do It

I started Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage (BSB) after realizing a huge void on behalf of the church. The unwillingness to talk about sex in marriage in church is forcing people to look outside of God’s word for answers. Trust me! You don’t want to do that. The world doesn’t want your marriage to be successful.

They still show images of us wives being frumpy, bored, insecure. You know that ol’ ball-and-chain mess! Well, I’m not that! I am One Sexy Wife! And you will be too as you go through the site and get the answers to your burning questions. And allow me to be on this journey with you to restore your marriage.

What I Believe About Marriage

I believe that marriage was created by God, between a man and a women

I believe that marriage is a commitment that requires effort, communication, and the willingness to work through challenges

I believe that mutual respect, honesty, and trust is a must in a successful marriage, as well as the need to prioritize the relationship and make time for each other daily.

I believe and encourage couples to seek God and counseling for help when they face difficulties

I believe and view marriage as an ongoing journey of growth and learning.


Who Am I & What I Enjoy

I am a wife of over 36 years, mother of two boys and, adoptive mother of two girls, the Founder and President of Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage (BSB). After seeing a need in both secular and religious communities, Dr. Gail wanted to create a safe space dedicated to the spiritual and sexual enhancement of marriages for the modern-day wife. Dr. Gail has been responsible for spicing up thousands of marriages through the BSB conference and continues to change lives every day. As an author, marriage and life coach, Dr. Gail has appeared on dozens of television and radio shows as a specialist and seasoned lifestyle & relationship expert.


What I Enjoy:

Being a woman

Having Amazing Sex with Gil

Spending time with my family and friends

Cleaning up my house and doing laundry (Just the folding the clothes part)

Teaching and Speaking all over the world

Cooking and decorating for the holiday’s

Traveling to sunny places

A Great pair of shoes

A good chat with a girlfriend

A good love story

Lunch on Friday’s alone

Mob movies

Gail’s Marriage Story

My marriage has been far from a fairy tale. Two people meet in a club at the ages of 21 and 22 and get married 6 months later! Does that sound like a match made in heaven?

Hey, there is nothing wrong with believing in love at first sight, but my husband and I had no business getting married.

I had a big mouth, daddy issues and was bossy as…well you know, but we did this marriage thing.

And that was kind of my attitude. Ok, I will do it, but if I don’t like it, I’ll quit. That’s what everyone around me did. My husband was in the military and I wanted to get out of San Antonio. I was raised in a house filled with big-mouth, bossy women who didn’t need a man, couldn’t keep a man and didn’t really want you to have one for too long either. So, off to see the world with my Prince Charming, right?

That’s not how the story goes. My marriage was a hot mess and after 8 years, my husband just left.

Who could blame him? I spent the first 8 years running him in the ground, talking about everything he did wrong. We had our son. I was working in my gift area: fashion and retail. My husband retired from the military and began a new career. I was coming home from my management job (always a boss) like normal. My husband’s car? Not there. My son’s closet is cleaned out. My husband’s clothes’ drawer? Empty. And instead of being hurt, I got angry. I called the police and told them that if he didn’t bring my baby back, I was gonna blah, blah, blah. He wasn’t taking my calls. We didn’t have any family in Maryland. His people are from Tennessee. Mine from Texas. How dare he?

I know it was God who stepped in and got him to be open to the idea

that our marriage was worth it.

Yeah, God touched my husband’s heart first. I was still trying to be what I was –loud, disrespectful, demanding. My husband had changed though.

He didn’t respond
like before. He…he let a “gentle answer turn away wrath” and the arguingstopped. Now
it wasn’t long before I started to see myself and see the damage that I had created in my marriage. Now, I got to get it together. With the help ofGod and great counselors, I learned to be the wife that God called me to be.

I spend my years now loving, supporting, lifting my husband up and putting my marriage at the top of my list.

And that’s what I help thousands of other wives and couples do every day. See, my marriage survived the loss of a child, infidelity, financial hardship, loss of parents…you name it. We are still here 36 years later (and counting) and we grow in love daily; by choice and by applying the proven principles I teach. I know that these tests were not just for us. God used the tests to show me the path that He wanted for my life. He is why I left the industry and field that I loved to follow His lead.

I learned from my mistakes with the help of God and the love of my husband, and you can too!

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